Helping customers, patients and learners form positive habits is the core of what we do. We are a collective of data scientists, technologists, psychologists, researchers, designers, strategists, healthcare clinicians and content experts.

  • We accelerate change. We deliver behavioural (habit-forming) strategy and technology solutions through our consulting services and SaaS behavioural platform: Nudg.

  • Habits for health: Our structure and generated profit allow us to deliver our 2026 Vision and complete our mission to improve the health and wellbeing of our Gen Z community, particularly adolescents.

Sectors we work in

We focus on two key sectors – healthcare and education – and believe there will be a convergence of the two over the next decade, as education becomes more personalised, and healthcare (particularly behaviour change) becomes supported by AI with contextual, relevant content.

Beyond these sectors, we recognise financial stability, affordability, accessibility and inclusivity influence many behaviours. We work with some of the world’s largest financial institutions to tear down barriers to behaviour change by tackling poverty, anxiety and depression.


In 2020 the entire population of planet earth has been exposed to the power and effectiveness of mass community behavioural change.  Lockdown, social distancing and wearing a face mask are behaviours which we have embraced on a global scale.  Human behaviour stands between successful healthcare strategy and failure.  The most effective vaccines will only impact on Covid if billions of people are prepared to adhere.  We work closely with pharma, private medical and public healthcare, combining our behaviour models, digital therapeutics, and care delivery solutions to improve health, and well-being.


Twelve months ago, the thought of learning from home, and digitised learning were two difficult concepts for large, well established educational institutions to adopt.  The acceleration through 2020 has provided an unprecedented use case for change in this sector.  We work with some of the world’s most progressive education providers in the western world. Delivering a strategic narrative, but also supporting the organisational change needed to meet the demands of our new paradigm.  Data now drives context, and for the first time we are seeing significant advances in optimised learning experiences, underpinned by new behavioural models, technology, design, and machine learning. 

Financial services

Money; and in particular how much you have, and how you manage it, has sadly become a central component of behavioural change strategy. Our exploration into the impact money has on behaviour has become a core part of our capability and model. If we are to succeed on our mission, to improve the health and wellbeing of our Gen Z community, and in particular adolescents, then we must ensure that our strategy considers all socioeconomic factors and challenges. We work with some of the world’s most respected financial institutions to ensure inclusivity and sensitivity are central to our mission.

Our vision

By 2026 we will be recognised as one of the world’s leading human behaviour and data-led product and service organisations for delivering measurable transition.

We provide human-centred business, data and technology consultancy and software for healthcare, education and financial services. From proposition development and behavioural frameworks, to platform integration and delivery, we leverage agile methodologies, proven client collaboration, behavioural psychology, software engineering and data science to foster meaningful impact and transition.

Who we work with

Our partners and brands working with the LovedBy Group.

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Happy clients

  • “LovedBy took us on an intensive journey of understanding and discovery. They brought us with them through a process of agile working and design. This unearthed invaluable insights which challenged our assumptions and left us with a very clear view of the best propositions to move forward for build. I know I speak for all of the AXA team when I say this process was one of the most enlightening any of us had ever experienced, well managed and led by some very talented people.”

    Andy Morfey

    Former Head of Strategic Proposition Development, AXA Health

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