Designing a brighter future for teaching and learning

Education in the
digital age

Using design to kickstart a user-led digital transition in education services

We are partnered with one of the world’s leading education providers to drive customer experience (CX) maturity within the organisation and design products and services that promote education. We are making it easier for teachers to do what they are meant to do, while helping the business be more efficient and digitally savvy.

Our work included:

  • Customer experience (CX) strategy
  • Product and service design
  • Design systems
  • Voice of the customer & CX measurement
  • Design research
  • Process change, training & ways of working


Overhaul the orthodoxy of a pen and paper sector to take full advantage of digital technology

How do you take advantage of digital in an industry where pen and paper are king? How do you challenge analogue thinking in not only an established organisation, but also a deeply rooted system? How do you include the end user’s voice in a world where the end-user is barely is noticed? And, how do you respond when Covid-19 changes everything completely?


Designing products & services for user needs while centring the organisation around the customer

This world-class education institution chose LovedBy as design partners for an initial six-month period. Working on service improvements across one assessment product we demonstrated our ways of working, bringing end users as well as employees into the process.

From there we have increased our design reach as an embedded team within the customer and technology programme. We are now leading and executing the new CX strategy to raise the CX maturity within the organisation at product delivery, operational and management levels.

Our design teams are fully integrated in Agile product teams, creating customer-focused experiences that deliver business value.


Increased customer satisfaction and business efficiencies through improved internal tools & processes

Product & delivery:Introduced design thinking and service design expertise in Agile product teams to design customer centred products and services

Training & development: Conducted design thinking training courses for internal staff, created tools and templates to address skills gaps, shifted mindsets and challenged existing ways of working

CX strategy & measurement: Programmed CX measurement and value framework to measure increased customer satisfaction

CX governance: Defined governance model to support and empower teams to deliver better customer experiences within the organisation


  • £1m

    Design system already being used by 5 product teams providing annual cost avoidance of £1 million through efficiencies and reuse of user interface patterns & components

  • £15m

    Our design teams are involved in scaled Agile programmes of work with a total annual value of £15 million

“We chose LovedBy as a strategic partner two years ago, when the world looked very different. Their ability to adapt and deliver value at pace has been invaluable as we navigate a changing education landscape. The strength of each individual and the passion they deliver as a team is what makes LovedBy such a strong strategic partner.”

Chief Operating Officer

(Client confidential)