Health and wellbeing one step at a time

Personal health &
wellbeing service

A behavioural-based approach to health and wellbeing

We’re partnering with AXA Health, one of the UK’s leading insurers, to help people navigate the complexities of health and wellbeing, supporting them step-by-step in changing their habits for good.

Our work included:

  • Proposition and product strategy
  • Agile processes and new ways of working
  • Behavioural science and framework
  • Prototyping and user testing


How can we create a highly personal health and wellbeing service that doesn’t cost the earth?

AXA Health is on a mission to help us bring out our best self and move beyond their current role as an insurance provider. However, the world of health and wellbeing is highly competitive and saturated.

There are too many offerings from healthcare providers and a burgeoning field of ‘out-of-market’ competitors: digital services and platforms who act as a source of support and trust for a savvy consumer.

To differentiate in this crowded field, wellbeing products must offer greater personalisation, expertise and change the behaviour of users. All at an affordable cost.


Get to know a new user segment: design, test and tweak

  1. Create the right environment to allow us to work as a team – somewhere free of existing structures, boundaries and assumptions. This enabled us to:
  • Establish new ways of working through shared principles
  • Collectively explore appropriate tools and design processes
  • Set up a buddy system that allowed us to peer learn, growing as individuals as well as a team
  1. Adapt to virtual working due to Covid-19. Move everything online with no disruption to our timeline.
  2. Get to know user preferences through research and hundreds of interviews with potential customers.
  3. Map every trigger and emotional pathway to understand the problems, barriers and opportunities, to identify unmet needs and start designing for them.
  4. Launch MVP after six months for validation, learning what users do and don’t love and along the way.
  5. Launch beta version of the AXA Health app just 12 months after kick-off.


A new product for better wellbeing outcomes, helping users change habits one step at a time

The project really pushed the boundaries for how products are developed within AXA Health. The goal was a new product ready for a new market. But through this iterative way of working, we also challenged existing ways of thinking and working.

Bringing a new product to market in a year turned upside down by Covid-19 is a testament to the success of this new way of doing things. (We even got the AXA Health team loving Miro!)


  • Introduced a new way of designing and developing products, placing the user at the centre

  • Instilled a new mentality and way of working: continuous interaction, experimentation and speed to market

  • Beta version of the AXA Health App launched on the App Store in April 2021. A year since we started – and what a year it’s been!

“LovedBy took us on an intensive journey of understanding and discovery. They brought us with them through a process of agile working and design. This unearthed invaluable insights which challenged our assumptions and left us with a very clear view of the best propositions to move forward for build. I know I speak for all of the AXA team when I say this process was one of the most enlightening any of us had ever experienced, well managed and led by some very talented people.”

Andy Morfey

Former Head of Strategic Proposition Development, AXA Health