Improving the health and wellbeing of the GenZ community

Designed by young people, for young people…


Our vision, and mission, to improve the health and wellbeing of our Gen Z community, and in particular adolescents.

Why are we doing this?

A significant gap exists between paediatric and adult healthcare. We are focused on the development of digital products and services that meet the unique needs of this audience during this transitional time. We do this by putting young people at the centre of our purpose and process. Designed by young people, for young people.

  • 42% global population are under 25 years old

  • 1 in 6 are 10–19 years old (adolescents)

  • There are 1.2m deaths a year from mainly treatable causes

  • 13% have a chronic condition

  • Other main causes of adolescent deaths include HIV, suicide, lower respiratory infections and interpersonal violence

  • Half of all mental health disorders in adulthood appear to start by age 14, but most cases are undetected and untreated



Our partners and brands working with the LovedBy Group.

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Gen Z influencers and ambassadors

We have an amazing community to support our vision. Here is just a sample of the brilliant T1 Diabetes evangelists from around the world.