Short-Form engagement platform

Intelligent operating system for behavioural change. Configurable and simple.  Integrates with numerous wearable devices and social networks.

A pioneering behaviour change platform at the intersection of health and social media.


Delivering personalised short form content nudges to improve positive behaviour over time

  • The future of personalised patient engagement, and behavioural change needs to be delivered through existing digital channels, and social networks, not through another mobile health app.

  • Our three year focus on GenZ, and adolescents, has given us a unique perspective to behaviour change technology.

  • This perspective has driven our platform innovation, and differentiation. The model can be applied to all age groups

Four key functions

Nudg is a cloud based configurable behavior change platform. Originally developed for Chronic Condition management, and in particular to increase patient adherence through frequent, personalised and contextual behavioural nudge. Our technology is comprised of four key functions:

  • Ingestion engine
  • Rules and logic framework
  • Content engine
  • Channel Integration (user engagement)


Nudg is a configurable technology platform built on the Amazon Web Services Cloud infrastructure. It has been engineered with partnerships in mind so is highly configurable. Our front end experience has been developed using react native to ensure that your brand can be applied consistently across Apple, Android and Microsoft operating systems.

This differentiates Nudg from other more consumer centric platforms available in the market (through a partner model) which have a more rigid and inflexible platform strategy.

Our ingestion engine, rules framework, content engine, and channel integration capability can be tailored easily, and quickly, compared to an in house/proprietary build strategy.

Build versus Configurable versus Partner

Accelerated and configurable technology: Organisations tend to have have three options when implementing new technology:  They can build it themselves, partner with an existing B2C company, or they can work with an ‘accelerator technology’ which is configurable like:  Nudg

The final decision is often a finely balanced one, between; maintaining brand trust and customer retention, versus speed to market.

The table below represents the benefits of a configurable platform versus a build or partner model.

  • Build it ourselves

    Building our own platform, should mean tight control over the features, functions and content. The finished platform should be exactly what we want!

    By doing this, we will protect our brand and retain our customers’ trust as well as life time value.

    We would need to bring together brand new digital, operations, and business transformation teams. We aren’t really set up to deliver digital solutions.

    Can we keep up with constant technology evolution? How long before our solution is out of date? What is the cost of maintenance and keeping up with evolving consumer technology adoption?

    We would need to spend months on the acquisition of strategic partnerships and procurement.

    We need to budget for two years of investment, before we see any return or revenue.

    We might get it wrong or we could well just miss the market opportunity.

    How long would it take to build the right team, expertease and chemistry. We don’t have behavioural scientists, data scientists, designers or game developers? And who would they report into?

    At latest at the end of this we will own the technology and platform IP.

  • Configurable

    With a white labelled solution we can protect our brand and retain our customers trust and relationship.

    We can quickly engage with our target audience through pre configured social and digital channels, without the painful process of onboarding, technical and legal integration.

    An API framework for wearable technology makes it much easier to ingest important biomarkers like Blood Glucose, Activity, Heart Rate and Sleep.

    The available content management tools means that we can quickly add and classify all of our existing branded content.

    We are confident that future consumer tech evolution and operating system updates are captured in the Nudg roadmap, reducing the need for a costly support and maintenance team.

    We are confident that so far the Nudg team are always adding the latest API’s (for wearable technology and social channels) to their platform architecture.

    The rules engine is so easy to configure, and we trust that the work done by the world class behaviour and data science team at nudg is robust.

    We accelerated from discovery to live in market well under six months.

    We like the simple licence model.

    Corporate integration and security is critical. AWS is a powerful foundation and gives us confidence that we can scale into new geographies and countries efficiently and inexpensively.

  • Partner

    We are aware of a number of platform partners available in the market who have been able to build a healthy online audience.

    Do they understand our challenges? The majority of these partners are based in the United States. They could have a limited understanding of the EU and UK clinical, ethical, geographical or cultural challenges?

    We like the positive interaction with their strong teams. They have applied their aggregated expertise to mobile health successfully.

    Should we be worried about the dilution of our brand? If we recommend a solution to our customers does that mean that we lose the relationship?

    What if our partner received bad press or any high profile liable action. How does this effect us?

    When we did our technical diligence, the partner platform wasn’t as flexible as we would like. We would need to build other services around it for true 360 audience engagement and effectiveness.

    We are concerned that the platform was built for a general audience making it difficult to tailor for more specific clinical and behavioural programs like Chronic condition management.

    We have a real problem with our patient data sharing. Who does it belong too now? Who owns our customer?

    What will stop our customers from leaving and using the partner directly? Its a real concern that a big part of our proposition will be threatened.


  • Existing technology API integration

    The Nudg ingestion engine is connected to a growing list of wearable technology and informatics data. Connectivity to popular consumer health data like Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbits API. As well as a growing list of specialist wearable health platforms like Dexcom’s G6.

  • Configurable rules and behaviour maps

    We have invested heavily in the simplification of our rules engine which can be configured to specific care pathways and health outcome frameworks. Our technical consulting, clinical, and data science teams will work closely with you to define the relevant frameworks to power the nudg platform if required. We also have pre existing accelerated logic for Asthma, Covid and T1 Diabetes if required.

  • Simple CMS for nudg content management

    Our unique behaviour framework sits behind our content management system which quickly enables your content teams to upload and tag content to relevant rules, triggers and behavioural scenarios. For our partners who do not have content teams, we have a number of qualified partners if required.

  • Existing channel integration and DM facilities

    Nudg is configured to work with a number of existing social channels and direct messaging clients, which removes the need to integrate and maintain these connections yourselves. Policy, terms and conditions change all of the time so we maintain the connections for you through this lifecycle:

  • Scalability – build with flexibility in mind

    Nudg has been built using AWS cloud infrastructure which provides scale and flexibility to quickly deploy in multiple regions and languages. In addition to the architecture we have also built the front end experience on all devices using React Native. This approach means that we can quickly add themes and flavours for distinct groups, brands or languages where necessary.

Use Cases

We have several live client deployments at present spanning a number of use cases. Each use case has a slightly different application of our four key capabilities: 1) Data Ingestion, 2) Rules Engine, 3) Content Engine and 4) Social integration.

Our clients have called out the following partner benefits versus our competitors:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Whitelabel
  • Cost savings – Per user licence
  • Scalable/multilanguage
  • Pre coded social Integration
  • Pre coded device integration
  • Data dashboards

Typical engagement mode

Our hybrid consulting, and technology teams work closely with our clients to define the relevant personalisation and behavioural strategy. Our teams have decades of experience in delivering behavior change technology strategy, through our user and business centric consulting.

We engage our clients in four ways:

  • Consulting Only

    We can work as an independent consultant delivering strategy and early prototypes to test this strategy. Typical projects can last from eight weeks, for one off engagements,or multi-year for longer transformation. Typically our clients will already have a mature internal technical team, or will have a familiar technical partner.

  • Consulting & Tech Build

    In addition to the consulting approach above, we are also asked to deliver the client technology over a period of time. We have several clients where we are contracted for both consulting and delivery.

  • Consulting & Nudg / Accelerate

    There are some consulting briefs that require an accelerated delivery of a product to market. Nudg has been developed as an easily configurable platform which allows a client to accelerate their proposition to market in under six months.

  • Nudg License Only

    The Nudg platform can be deployed by competent behavioural consulting teams without the need for our own consulting input. Contact us to hear more about our emerging alliance programs.

We have developed nudg as a configurable platform which acts as an accelerator for our clients behavioural change strategy. We are confident that we can accelerate from discovery to live in under 6 months.

Request a demo

A technology demo normally takes around 90 minutes; however we can tailor this depending on the audience. We can supplement our standard demo with deeper technical architecture, clinical evidence or audience engagement (content) if required. Contact us and let us know a little more about your needs.